Biden Considers Providing Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

( – It seems that Ukraine has only to ask for what it wants from the U.S. in terms of cash or artillery, and its wish is granted. After resisting for a time, the White House is now preparing to send more powerful missiles to the war-torn country.

Republican pushback might get in the way, though, as many in the GOP are disturbed at how much America is sending in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and other nations while spending a fraction of that amount on securing the overflowing U.S. border. The most recent foreign aid bill totaled $95 billion. While it got through the Senate, it is not clear if the Republican-controlled House will approve the bill.

The U.S. has already supplied Ukraine with ballistic missiles, but these have been older and less powerful models. Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Defense Minister, met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken over the weekend of February 17th and 18th in Germany. Kuleba said Ukraine needs long-range missiles, and that he spent his time with Blinken “arguing in favor of ATACMS.”

Ukraine already has some U.S. Army Tactical Missile Systems, just not the ones with the most range. Kuleba said his country needs missiles that can go farther than 180 miles.

If the U.S. gives Ukraine the more powerful missiles, the country will be able to hit Russian targets deeper inside the Crimean Peninsula.

At least some in the Defense Department don’t seem enthusiastic about parting with more artillery. While they say they would be able to send the long-range missiles as part of the now-debated aid package, the U.S. military itself will need funding to do it. There is a limited number of these missiles, and military officials say this country needs money to replenish its own stockpiles if any are sent overseas.

Ukraine’s Kuleba isn’t shy about putting pressure on the U.S., and the West, to do more for the country in its fight against Russia. He complained that European nations “took too much time” to increase artillery production and that Ukrainians are paying for that “with our lives.”

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