Biden Caught in Another Tall Tale During Amtrak Speech

( – According to a November 6th piece from CNN, President Joe Biden is continuing to insert falsehoods into stories he tells in public settings. Many have already been aware of his apparent bending of the truth for years, but the fact that legacy outlets are now choosing to cover it may make many wonder if the establishment is prepping the American population for an alternative 2024 Democratic presidential nominee.

According to the left-leaning outlet’s coverage, one of the President’s go-to personal stories revolves around his use of Amtrak during his long tenure as a politician. Beginning in 1972, Biden served in the U.S. Senate for a combined 36 years, during which he used America’s railway system to commute back and forth between Washington, D.C., and his home state.

The story in question, which CNN says he has recalled almost a dozen times as President, has been shown to be demonstrably untrue. During a November 6th event in Delaware in which Biden was touting a new $16.4 billion rail-funding package, he reportedly told the story again – twice.

The first occurrence was while the President was speaking to an unofficial gathering of railway workers from Amtrak. The second happening took place during his official remarks as he was giving a speech. In both instances, according to CNN, Biden referenced an Amtrak trip he had taken while serving as Vice President.

Biden told the workers and the attending crowd that the particular trip he was referring to had taken place shortly after an article had been published marking his 1.2 million miles of plane travel as the nation’s VP. While traveling home to Delaware to be with his dying mother, he said he was approached and greeted by an Amtrak conductor named Angelo Negri.

Outlets report two errors in his tale. Negri died about one year before Biden reached his million-mile threshold and his mother died five years before that.

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