Biden Bashes GOP For Border Bill Failure

( – President Joe Biden invoked regurgitated talking points attempting to shift the blame for the southern border crisis onto the GOP, again, on Thursday, May 23rd.

Biden and the Democrats originally attempted to cast blame for the failure of a Senate “bipartisan” border agreement on Republicans. The agreement would have legalized 5,000 illegal entries per week, effectively enshrining the current open border into law. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) suggested the deal was “dead on arrival” in the House, despite Senate Republicans passing it in January.

Biden claimed Republicans don’t care about the border and suggested that the GOP was playing politics instead of doing the right thing in a statement. This followed a vote by the Senate to table the proposed agreement for the second time. Biden said the agreement would have allowed more Border Patrol hires, asylum officers, and immigration judges. He did not clearly outline that the intent was to facilitate the entry of more illegals.

A short clip of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer openly stating his party’s open border policies intend to facilitate the entry of more low-wage workers was shared by Elon Musk on May 25th. Schumer conflated legal and illegal immigrants in the clip, claiming that Americans weren’t reproducing fast enough to meet the demand for employees. He also clearly stated that the long-term goal of Democrats was to legalize the presence of tens of millions of illegals currently in the country.

Biden also repeated the claim that he required new emergency power to “shut down” the border; his critics have highlighted that Trump needed no special powers or new legislation to handle the border effectively during his administration. Trump was criticized routinely for “separating families” at the border while whistleblowers have since revealed that the “families” aren’t families, and many children are the victims of human trafficking.

Biden decried “the broken immigration system” while Republicans have suggested he has full authority to deal with the problem, he’s simply choosing to indulge it for political purposes.

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