Bank Records, Not Informant, Key to Biden Case

( – Democrats gnashing their teeth over the impeachment investigation into Joe Biden’s family business transactions are using an FBI-paid informant to indict the investigation. Alexander Smirnov was recently indicted by the DOJ for lying about bribery claims he made regarding the president’s business deals in Ukraine. Smirnov had previously claimed Biden took $5 million in bribes related to business arrangements while he was Vice President.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) speaking with Newsmax suggested that Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is lying about Smirnov being a central component of the investigation. Comer told Rob Schmitt during an appearance on his show that they investigated every lead, and while Smirnov was one, he was one among many that included bank records and documentary evidence.

Comer said that Raskin’s implication that Smirnov was some sort of lynchpin in their investigation was a complete fabrication and highlighted that the Democrats have consistently ignored evidence by calling the impeachment inquiry “baseless.”

Comer called Smirnov “a micropiece” in the larger puzzle, which includes troves of bank records documenting transactions showing money came from China or Romania (originating in Ukraine) and ended up in Biden’s family coffers. Comer said they pursued “every lead” they got, including the FBI informant which they had been told was “highly credible” from FBI sources.

Comer said that while Smirnov might not be truthful, scrutiny of his FBI interview aligned with other evidence. Smirnov is also under indictment and thus hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law, despite Democrats characterizing him as such already. He said the bank records they’ve reviewed showed millions of dollars coming in from overseas, which is consistent with the claims made by Smirnov.

Comer added that he was thankful the FBI wasn’t required for their investigative work and said the state security apparatus had consistently “obstructed” their investigation. He concluded that they’ve found evidence showing Biden has taken millions from questionable sources overseas, which the American people need to be made aware of.

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