Baked Snack Products Recalled for Undeclared Ingredients

( – Lara’s Bakery 3 LLC of Iowa is recalling several products due to undeclared allergen concerns. The products in question were distributed in Iowa and Wisconsin via direct home delivery and in retail stores.

The products in question are Pan de Racho, Pan Surtido, and Panque. All varieties of Pan Surtido are being recalled. Individuals with allergies or sensitivities to sesame seeds, coconuts, wheat, soy, milk, or eggs may have a potentially serious or deadly reaction should they consume the products.

Pan de Racho are individually packed, and can be recognized by colorful pink stripes and sesame seeds on the product in clear plastic packaging. Panque is also packaged with clear plastic and each product is packaged as a single item. Pan Surtido comes in metal trays and was delivered directly up through November 28th.

No illnesses or incidents have been reported and Lara’s is instigating the recall out of an abundance of caution. The problem was discovered with improper labeling. All products should be labeled with their correct allergen information and many of these products were not.

Customers can return the products for a full refund by either going to the store or contacting Lara’s Bakery at (641)752-0152.

Should you suspect an adverse reaction after ingesting one of these products you can contact emergency medical support if the allergy is serious.

Typically, dietary sensitivities result in digestive discomfort, nausea, cramping, and diarrhea and do not require medical intervention. Severe allergies, on the other hand, can result in anaphylactic shock which can result in death.

Should you or a loved one expect a severe allergy, you can use an epi-pen immediately and follow up with emergency medical help. Hives, itching, or swelling can indicate anaphylaxis. If the patient loses consciousness make sure to monitor their breathing and pulse. Should they stop breathing, you can perform emergency rescue breathing and if their heart stops you should begin CPR until first responders arrive.

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