Auto Union Enraged By Biden’s Pro-EV Policies

( – The United Auto Workers has come out against President Joe Biden’s “green energy” agenda due to effects on auto workers, cutting wages while distributing billions of American taxpayer money to the three largest automobile companies: Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

The Inflation Reduction Act, which was passed last year mostly by Democrats in Congress, is set to award large automobile companies tax credits for electric vehicles that are produced in the United States.

United Auto Workers union president Shawn Fain, as well as the union’s members from Lordstown, Ohio, are making their outrage known for incentivizing the companies to cut workers’ wages by providing them tax credits to produce electric vehicles, as opposed to regular gasoline-powered vehicles.

Fain said in a video produced by the United Auto Workers on Twitter that the “corporate elite and billionaire class” have always won at the expense of the working class.

Fain also said that while the tax credits are set to benefit the three largest automobile companies in the nation, those benefits will not “trickle down” to the workers of those companies.

Fain also pointed to the recent closure of General Motors’ factory plant in Lordstown, which has been devastating for the small Ohio community that relied on the company to bring jobs to the area. The closure resulted in thousands of layoffs for the people working there.

General Motors has also partnered with LG to open Ultium Cells, a new battery plant the automobile company said would bring high-paying, green-friendly jobs. In the video, Fain said that what the company said versus what actually happened are two different things.

The old automobile manufacturing plant, according to Fain, had workers making $30 per hour. The new Ultium Cells battery plant, however, has only paid workers $16.50 per hour, with hourly earnings increasing up to $20 only after seven years of work. This means that, per Fain, auto workers’ wages have been cut in half.

Breitbart also noted data from Good Jobs First, which said that automobile companies are able to benefit from tax subsidies from the federal government without any legal obligation to pay their workers fair wages.

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