At Least 18 Dead In Maine Shooting

( – A 40-year-old reserve member of the U.S. Army named Robert Card is alleged to have killed at least 18 individuals in a multiple-location mass shooting in Maine on the night of October 25th.

In the aftermath, Card went on the run, kicking off an extensive manhunt of hundreds of local and state officers, along with over 80 FBI agents. Residents were ordered to lock their doors and shelter in place as officials searched the area.

Though it is unclear which location he is alleged to have hit first, authorities said Card attacked patrons at both a bowling alley and a nearby local bar before fleeing the immediate area. His supposed likeness was captured in surveillance footage and quickly released to the media.

In a still frame of the video, the man law enforcement says is Card can be seen wielding an AR-15 and appearing to aim it at individuals off-screen. Police claim that Card had extensive training in land navigation and firearms due to his background as a U.S. Army reservist and firearms instructor. Someone who served with him described Card as one of the best shooters in his unit. According to a piece from NBC, the suspect’s family says he also had a well-established history of mental illness.

That same piece reported that Card’s reserve commanders had previously forced him to undergo psychiatric treatment after he allegedly told senior officers that he was hearing audible voices in his head. He was additionally said to have made threats against the base where his reserve duties were typically carried out.

On October 26th, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to advocate for nationwide gun confiscation. During an event with Australia’s Prime Minister, the VP said his nation had “demonstrated” successful gun reforms.

After a two-day manhunt, Card was found in the overflow parking lot of his former place of employment, Maine Recycling Corporation. He was discovered in the back of a tractor-trailer, deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A time of death has not yet been determined.

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