Arrest Made After Woman Allegedly Shoots Grandchild

( – Mia Desiree Harris, 43, shot her infant grandchild in the head during an argument with her family. Miraculously, the child has managed to survive after getting medical care but is still listed in critical condition. Whether she survives and has permanent damage remains to be seen; the infant girl endured two surgeries already.

Police were called to a home in Liberty Township, Ohio, early Saturday morning, December 9th, after Harris flew into a rage and began firing a gun at her family members. Witnesses reported that the shooting of the 6-month-old child was intentional after Harris attempted to shoot other family members.

She fled the scene of the crime and was arrested shortly thereafter without incident.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told members of the press it was “the most disgusting, vile” crime he’s ever worked on. Jones clarified that based on their initial investigations, the shooting was intentional and that the shooter was the child’s grandmother.

Family members describe an argument that got out of hand. They said Harris began shooting at others and broke down a door before ultimately firing a single shot at the infant which hit her in the head. Jones reported that Harris has not displayed any remorse since her arrest. He expressed his sympathies for the family, doctors, and first responders who rushed to save the child’s life.

In transcribed 9-1-1 calls, family members describe an insane Harris. When asked what was her motive for the attack, they reported she was mad and went crazy. Clips of the 9-1-1 call are available here.

Court records indicated Harris shot through a bedroom door multiple times before breaking it down. She then took aim at her daughter and fired, missing her head by inches. Frustrated, she aimed at the baby in the bed and fired before fleeing.

Harris was charged with three counts of felonious assault, but that could change if the child dies. She’s being held on $1.5 million bond.

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