Armed Prison Escapee Is Finally Captured

( – It took Andy Dufresne 19 years to tunnel through the wall of his cell at Shawshank Prison. Because of the fictional character’s innocence, fans cheered when he finally found freedom in Mexico. Such is not the case for recent escapee and convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante, who scaled the walls of his correctional institute in Pennsylvania by walking up a roofless enclosure like a crab.

Though he has finally been captured after an intense two-week manhunt, his escape and chase are making even the mainstream media run headlines asking why the illegal alien had not been deported. The Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times both asked that exact question in recent pieces.

Cavalcante was wanted for murder in his home country of Brazil. When a warrant was issued for his arrest, he fled the South American nation and was able to enter the United States illegally. The 34-year-old gang member was eventually convicted of murdering his girlfriend in front of her two young children. According to prosecutors, Cavalcante stabbed his lover over 30 times before fleeing the scene.

He was convicted on a first-degree murder charge, handed a life sentence, and sent to prison. Only 10 days after arriving at his new home, the murderer manipulated his body into a horizontal position walked up two walls that were close together, and disappeared. Prison officials learned of his escape method only after reviewing security footage.

A perimeter was set up, but the Brazilian convict was able to slip through it using a stolen van. His whereabouts remained unknown for several days, but on the night of September 11th, a local not far from the prison reported that Cavalcante had accessed his garage and stolen a firearm before running.

At about 1 a.m. on September 13th, a police helicopter reported seeing a heat signature in a wooded area. Officers and tactical dogs descended on the area and Cavalcante was recaptured after a brief struggle.

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