Arizona Governor Signs Bill Repealing State’s 1864 Abortion Law

( – Democrat Governor of Arizona Katie Hobbs signed into law a repeal of the state’s 1864 anti-abortion law which outlaws all abortions except in the case where the mother’s life is at risk. The repeal was necessary after the state Supreme Court ruled in April that the law was valid, despite being archaic and unpopular.

Once activated, the new law in Arizona will be a 15-week ban passed by former Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. There may be a period where the 1864 law is enforced, but state Attorney General Kris Mayes has promised attempts at abrogating all enforcement, even if it’s technically the law for a short period of time.

Trump and several other moderate Republicans, including Arizona Republican icon Karie Lake, sided with Democrats suggesting conservatives repeal the ban due to its politically unpopular nature and to avoid giving Democrats any more ammunition in advance of the November general election.

Five Arizona Republicans helped pass the repeal with unanimous Democrat backing. Hobbs argued that she was protecting “reproductive health freedoms,” a euphemism for the process that results in the termination of a pregnancy.

In the case of late-term abortions, the fetus is cut apart in the womb. Such abortions are uncommon and are usually performed as a last resort when a defect is discovered late in pregnancy that would prevent the child from surviving outside the womb. Despite being rare, it can result in a financial windfall for the operator who illegally sells the remains for research purposes. The claim that the body is “donated” is often another euphemism to avoid legal accountability.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats have made themselves the champions of abortion. Biden said that if he is reelected he’ll restore national abortion rights and “reproductive freedom” to women across all 50 states.

Democrats have also included transgender medical procedures for minors as a “reproductive health right” when the claim of the child having been “born in the wrong body” is made. The use of hormone or surgical treatments for minors is incredibly unpopular among parents and is gradually becoming illegal, but that won’t stop leftists from doubling down on the practice.

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