Appeals Court Shoots Down Immigration Law Hours after SCOTUS Ruling

( – On Tuesday, March 19th, the Supreme Court greenlighted Texas authorities to arrest and deport illegal border crossers, and just hours later, the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily paused enforcement.

The Texas law SB4 went into effect earlier this month and is the latest salvo in the war between Texans struggling to defend their homes and communities from illegals and the Biden administration. Biden has consistently used his administration to allow the entry of millions of noncitizens from over 170 countries around the world under the false pretense of seeking asylum.

Conservatives have argued that the tactic is a twofold net benefit for Democrats: it increases the population numbers in left-leaning states where illegals are likely to settle, and illegals are likely to be offered naturalization or voting rights in the future if Democrats can hold offices and control what legislation is passed. Some local jurisdictions have already begun to grant voting rights to noncitizens in the country illegally.

The Supreme Court ruled that Texas could continue to enforce SB4 which can issue jail time of up to six months in jail with heavy 10 and 20-year penalties for reoffending. The law would also grant authority to Texas to kick illegals back across the border to Mexico, without its consent or collaboration.

Mexican authorities are reportedly up in arms over the law. The Mexican government issued a statement suggesting that SB4 is discriminatory and would result in families being separated and racial profiling. They somewhat ironically suggested that Mexican nationals in America illegally shouldn’t be kicked back over the border to Mexico, as they claim the authority to control who enters their territory.

The writers over at the New York Times did a wonderful job relaying the sentiments of illegals that they claimed were here legally because they have a court date in the future. The illegals said they were scared of being arrested and deported and suggested SB4 was unfair. Curiously absent from the piece was any critical commentary from Texas residents regarding the fairness of the status quo.

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