AOC Meets with Radical Leftist President in Colombia

( – The legislator who once staged an opportunistic photo shoot at America’s southern border while wearing designer clothing and crying fake tears has now met with far-left Colombian President Gustavo Petro. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s August 21 meeting with the head-of-state was part of a weeklong tour of Latin America in which she and other progressive American lawmakers met with socialist leaders in the region.

A left-leaning think tank based in Washington, D.C. funded the Democratic delegation’s trip, which included additional stops in Brazil and Chile. Nydia Velazquez, Joaquin Castro, Gregorio Casar, Maxwell Alejandro Frost and Bernie Sanders all joined AOC on the tour. Save for Sander’s status as an Independent, all were Democrats.

Cortez’s stated purpose for the excursion of legislators to South America was to address matters related to “migration, climate and democracy.” During AOC’s Columbia meeting, President Petro proposed the building of a coalition that would combat “climate change” by changing “the economic system” that causes it.

Petro was once a member of the region’s M19 rebel group, a Marxist organization that engaged in extensive violence and narcotics trafficking. The group was known for kidnappings, civilian deaths and the assassinations of judicial officials. They also lauded themselves as enemies of coal and oil production and argued that the industries were exploitative.

While visiting with Petro, Ocasio-Cortez said that their “progressive movement” could be united and that their efforts could lead to increased labor and human rights throughout Latin America. The legislator from NY made no mention of the Colombian President’s involvement with M19.

In late July, Petro’s son, Nicolas, was arrested on charges that included illicit enrichment and money laundering. Nicolas, who is a politician himself, had been under investigation following accusations that he funded a portion of his father’s Presidential campaign with cartel payoffs. It has been alleged that in exchange for those payoffs, members of the cartel would eventually be placed on his father’s peace council.

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