AOC-Backed DSA Facing Financial Crisis

( – The Democratic Socialists of America is warning it will have to make “seven-figure budget cuts” and lay off staff as the group cannot pay its bills. It appears that the DSA’s full-throated support for the Palestinian side in the Israel-Hamas war may be partially to blame for the association’s depleting coffers.

Executive Director of the political group “Zioness,” Amanda Berman, told the New York Post that “many American progressives” think the DSA has scuttled its interest in domestic, American political affairs in favor of concentrating exclusively on the “pro-Palestinian cause.”

The socialist organization is beloved by ultra-progressive lawmakers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and independent (but socialist) Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. But the DSA took a very different line from its most prominent political fans when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered thousands of civilians. Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders immediately condemned the invasion and slaughter.

Not so the DSA. Instead, the group blamed the terrorism on Israel, stating “today’s events are a direct result of Israel’s apartheid regime.” The U.S. is also responsible, it said, because of the billions of dollars America sends to the Jewish state.

It seems that those kindly disposed to and likely to donate to the DSA are not too happy about its focus on the Middle Eastern conflict. The group is in a self-described “financial crisis” that is forcing “painful decisions” about cuts to programming and staff. Three leaders of the DSA’s National Political Committee wrote that the organization cannot have a “healthy, democratic, and effective organization” while continuing to spend what they do on staff salaries.

Of course, they’ll have to deal with the union to which many of their employees belong. The written statement from the Political Committee said that “if necessary” the group will start looking at which staff to lay off first. Some of those positions may be entitled to buyouts.

Zioness’ Amanda Berman says the DSA brought it on themselves. Citing what she called the “brutal” Hamas invasion of Israel, Berman claimed the DSA “doubled down” on “antisemitism.”

One of the DSA’s founders, Maurice Isserman, quit the group in disgust last October for its “politically and morally bankrupt” response to the Hamas attack.

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