Another House Democrat Turns on Biden

( – Another Democratic Representative is calling on President Joe Biden to bow out of the race after his disastrous debate performance in late June. Rep. Moulton (D-MA) suggested Biden has performed “enormous service” for all Americans, but that it was time he followed George Washington’s example and stepped aside to allow for a new generation of leaders to rise up.

Moulton wasn’t clear on which pathway he preferred: whether Biden stepped down, or there was “some sort of primary process” wasn’t as important to him as it was that whatever the method involved, Biden is replaced as the Democratic presidential candidate before November’s general election.

Moulton himself ran for the 2020 Democratic party nomination, and in his July 3rd statement he suggested the party requires all potential options to be “on the table.” He added that while he has deep respect for President Biden and his accomplishments, it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be able to defeat former President Trump in a rematch.

Additional Democrats in Congress have suggested similarly, including Reps. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Lloyd Doggett (D-TX). Biden’s campaign managers have been adamant that he will continue to stay the course and is the party’s presidential candidate. That won’t be made official however until the Democratic National Convention happens later this summer and the official ticket is announced and confirmed.

Biden told participants on a Zoom call as recently as July 3rd that he was intent on pursuing the election to its conclusion. Under Democratic Party rules, Biden would have to willingly step aside at this point in order for him to be replaced. Biden was the only candidate to acquire the needed number of delegates during the primary process earlier this year, and as such he’s entitled to their votes during the DNC unless he voluntarily releases them to vote as they wish.

Biden was roundly lambasted in late June during the first presidential debate between himself and Donald Trump. During the debate, Trump highlighted Biden’s incoherence and non-partisan observers suggested Biden’s performance was abysmal.

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