Americans Extremely Concerned About Crime, Poll Says

( – According to a Gallup poll published on Thursday, nearly two-thirds of Americans (63%) agree that crime is a severe problem in the United States. Gallup speculates that political messaging and the rising number of killings in high-profile cities are contributing to this shift in public opinion of crime.

This 63% figure is the highest Gallup has recorded. Rates of 60% were seen in 2000, 2010, and 2016 as the prior highs. Seventeen percent of respondents said that crime was very severe in their localities, while the majority (55%) said crime has increased.

About three-quarters of Americans share the view that crime has grown, underscoring the conservative political narrative of the need for being tough on criminals.

Ninety-two percent of Republicans, in contrast to only 58 percent of Democrats, feel that crime is on the rise across the country. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans and just fifty-one percent of Democrats thought national crime was a significant problem.

The percentage of those who said a member of their household had been a victim of crime this year is close to an all-time high, at over 20%. The survey shows vehicle burglaries and vandalism account for most recorded offenses.

But while crime has received more media coverage recently, only 3% of Americans rank it as their top concern. In 1994, more than 40% of respondents listed crime as their top concern.

America’s most populous state, California, has issued its annual crime report, which indicated a rise in violent and property crimes in 2022. According to the report, both violent and property crime rates in the state had grown by 6.1% and 6.2%, respectively, from the previous year. The number of homicides fell somewhat, while the number of robberies rose by 10.2 percent.

Academics and politicians continue to argue over the causes of crime’s ebb and flow, often failing to agree on causes when the crime rate is high. Public anxiety over crime has always been a significant issue during election campaign cycles, and successful politicians rarely talked about defunding police or relaxing incarcerations and punishments as a remedy. In recent elections, this has been the case in blue states, with anti-police candidates inexplicably winning their contests.

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