American Tourists Face Criminal Charges in France

( – Two Americans were recently found in a restricted area of the Eiffel Tower. While conducting their rounds, security guards found them on Monday morning. The tourists may face criminal charges for sleeping in the Eiffel Tower.

The men had tickets to visit the Parisian landmark on Sunday night. They jumped over security fences and found themselves stuck in an off-limits area between the second and third floors.

Tight security measures are in place at the tower, a popular tourist destination. The Eiffel Tower website has three full pages of rules for visitors.

The Paris prosecutors stated that the two men appeared to be stuck due to their intoxication. They were brought down by a unit of first responders, then delivered to the Paris police station for more questioning.

SETE, the company that manages the Eiffel Tower, handles maintenance and organizing events. They stated that although the men were not threatening, they would file a criminal complaint against them. The Eiffel Tower’s opening was delayed for about an hour on Monday morning.

Only two days following an unsubstantiated bomb threat that prompted the evacuation of the Eiffel Tower, the incident occurred.

Earlier Thursday morning, police received a call that someone was climbing up the tower.

The man was discovered by guards, but he was able to reach the top before anyone could intervene. Using a parachute, he jumped from near the tower’s highest point. After landing in a nearby stadium, he was arrested for endangering others.

Tourists getting into trouble is becoming more frequent. A teenager carved a heart and initials into the 850-year-old Leaning Tower of Pisa earlier this month and in July, a tourist in Italy climbed the Trevi Fountain in Rome to fill up her water bottle. In Japan, a tourist carved his name into the ancient Toshodaiji Temple.

Most tourists follow the rules, but there are always those who will break them.

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