Alleged Stink Bomb Attack on Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Columbia University

( – Columbia University demonstrators smelt it, and now police want to know who dealt it. A group of protestors who demonstrated outside the university to support Palestinians in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war say someone set off a “chemical-based weapon” to intimidate them.

New York City police confirm that they received a report from protestors claiming they smelled something nasty during their event and that they began to feel sick to their stomachs. Some also reported developing a headache. None of the alleged victims, however, would accept medical treatment at the scene, said the New York Police Department (NYPD).

However, the group Students for Justice in Palestine claim several of their numbers are either in the hospital or seeking outpatient care for vomiting, chest pain, stomach pain, and similar symptoms.

According to unnamed sources who spoke to ABC News, the cops have CCTV video depicting two men spraying something on a lamp post just before the rally at Columbia. The NYPD is not releasing the video and says its detectives are cooperating with university officials to figure out who the men might be.

Investigators have collected clothes from three of the six protestors who claim they were exposed to an unknown chemical. Those garments will be put through forensic testing if lab workers can figure out what substances they might be looking for.

In modern America, it is apparently impossible to discuss any crimes that have anything to do with political speech or “minorities” without the specter of what some call “hate crimes.” So, unsurprisingly, unnamed sources in the investigation felt compelled to tell news outlets that they are not investigating the alleged stink bombing as a “hate crime,” but as a potential assault.

Columbia University officials say they have been told who the alleged perpetrators may be, though they will not disclose that information publicly. Interim Provost Dennis A. Mitchell said the alleged perpetrators have been banned from the campus as police continue the investigation.

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