Alleged Assassination Plots Spark Purge in Ukraine’s State Security Service

( – Embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is purging the Ukrainian guard service of any individuals believed to be disloyal to his regime after two men in the service were arrested on suspicions of plotting assassinations of senior officials.

Zelenskyy’s legitimacy is questionable as he’s using the war to avoid holding elections and is operating Ukraine under martial law. Ukrainian men are paying the ultimate price for his decision to continue the war and refusing to negotiate, seeking “ultimate victory” over the Russian military as if that’s a real possibility.

Ukraine has lost ground recently as Russia continues to advance towards Kyiv, and with no sign of a cease-fire agreement any time soon, it’s likely thousands more Ukrainians will die, including many who were conscripted into the army and aren’t thrilled about being forced to fight the Russians.

Two colonels in the guard service were arrested on allegations of conspiring with Russia to assassinate Zelenskyy and other heads of state in May. Now Zelenskyy wants the service purged of any potential dissenters. He already fired the head of the guard service.

Zelenskyy’s presidential mandate expired last month, additionally compounding criticism that he’s a dictator, not a legitimately elected leader. Zelenskyy introduced the new head of the service, Colonel Oleksiy Morozov, explaining that he was tasked with removing anyone from the service who didn’t believe their future was tied to the success of the Ukrainian war effort.

Zelenskyy’s popularity is plummeting with his people, in addition to staying in office by declaring martial law, he also dismissed his main rival from a high-level position, suggesting he doesn’t like criticism or competition.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he’s ready to negotiate an immediate end to hostilities provided Ukraine agrees to basic terms like withdrawing from contested territories and agreeing to cede territories lost. Zelenskyy and his foreign backers have yet to concede and continue to bring the world closer to the edge of a war between nuclear-armed powers.

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