Alex Jones Plans to Fight Pressure to Testify in Trump Trial

( – Georgia district attorney and notorious Trump-hater Fani Willis recently announced her intention to call Alex Jones in her bid to nail Trump on election interference charges. Alex Jones’s attorney, Norm Pattis said there’s nothing that he could bring to the table that wasn’t already available and even if he was called to testify, he’d plead the fifth.

Jones had previously deployed his Fifth Amendment rights when he was called by the House Jan 6th investigative committee last year. Pattis said that they weren’t going to play a role in “Fani’s fantasy” the same way they refused to participate in the Jan 6th ‘investigation.’

Willis filed her intent to call Jones on Tuesday, October 10th. In the filing, Willis claimed Trump had discussions with Kenneth Chesebro, an attorney who helped design Trump’s strategy to challenge the 2020 election results. Chesebro and Sidney Powell are the first Trump co-defendants to go to trial in Georgia on racketeering charges.

Willis claimed Jones had “unique knowledge” of the “multi-state, coordinated efforts” to challenge the results. What she didn’t mention anywhere in her filing was Trump’s First Amendment right to address the government with grievances and speak freely about those concerns. Trump’s chief legal strategy to avoid a guilty verdict in the case will be the First Amendment.

Video showing Jones and Chesebro walking together on January 6th was recently discovered by Willis’ office.

Jones continues to take a lot of heat for suggesting the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden despite prominent publications like Time magazine admitting as much in print. He was on the grounds outside the Capitol on January 6th, urging peaceful protest and nonviolent behavior.

One of Jones’ employees, Owen Shroyer, was slapped with 60 days in jail for simply being outside the Capitol. U.S. District Judge Tim Kelly suggested Shroyer was partially responsible for “amping up” the crowd. His case was complicated by a prior order to stay out of the downtown D.C. area for his part in disrupting an impeachment hearing in 2019.

Willis loves to compel famous people to obey her beck and call, she’s previously attempted to compel testimony from Mike Flynn, Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, and others in her quest to prevent Trump from running again in 2024.

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