Additional Human Remains Wash Up Near Lake Michigan

( – A dismembered leg washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan in the state of Wisconsin on April 2nd, and now more body parts are being left on the beach.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office says a beachcomber stumbled on a torso and an arm on April 18th. Police believe the parts belong to missing Sade Robinson, a college student who went missing earlier in April after a first date with a man at a seafood restaurant.

Robinson, 19, arranged a dinner date with Maxwell Anderson, 33. Friends and family report that she did not show up for work the next day and has been missing ever since. Ominously, Robinson’s car was discovered the day after her disappearance having been set on fire. Investigators have also found additional body parts over the past few weeks that they believe belong to Robinson.

Anderson is now arrested and charged with first-degree murder, arson, and mutilation of a corpse. The complaint paperwork states that Robinson and Maxwell planned a date at a restaurant on April 1st. Robinson was apparently excited about the date and texted messages to friends about her anticipation. Anderson had reportedly worked at the restaurant where he was to take Robinson.

When Robinson did not show up for work the next day, her manager Justin Romano said colleagues suspected something was wrong as they had been “calling her all day.”

Investigators say they have a plethora of evidence tying Anderson to Robinson’s disappearance, including cell phone tracking data and witness statements. They also found blood in Robinson’s residence along with containers of gasoline.

The attorney representing Anderson said his client was innocent and that they would fight the charges in court.

At the same time, the suspect’s father, Steven Anderson, released a statement through the attorney’s office. Steve Anderson said his family offers sympathy and condolences to Robinson’s family and that his family is “shocked and devastated” by Robinson’s death.

Robinson was set to soon graduate from college and pursue a career in criminal justice.

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