Adams Demands Tough Changes to New York City’s Sanctuary Laws

( – Former cop and current New York City Mayor Eric Adams appears to be breaking ranks with fellow liberals, at least partially, over the wisdom of running a so-called “sanctuary city.” Such cities, all run by Democrats, refuse to report illegal aliens to federal immigration officials and roll out the red carpet of hotel rooms and cash benefits for border jumpers, all at the expense of tax-payers.

After New York has suffered a never-before-seen explosion in illegal aliens within its borders, it looks like even Adams has had enough.

Addressing the media before City Hall, Adams said he wanted to return to older standards that held criminal suspects accountable for their behavior. He even shot back at a reporter who asked a loaded question about extending due process to immigrant criminals, saying violent people give no due process to those they “shot or punched or killed.”

New York City’s idea of what a sanctuary city is has grown (some would say “devolved”) over the years under several mayors. Under the Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg administrations, for example, police were able to hold immigrant suspects in jail long enough for federal immigration officials to put a detainer on them. But today’s rules, put in place by Adams’ predecessor Bill DeBlasio, basically keep illegal aliens out of sight and view of federal officials until after they’re convicted of crimes.

Sanctuary cities actively protect people who are in the U.S. illegally from paying the price of breaking the law. For liberals and Democrats, it is fair to say that they don’t conceive of breaking immigration law as a crime (it is).

The nation’s attention to these alien-friendly policies sharpened after a video circulated showing a group of young men, all illegal “immigrants,” beating New York police officers. They were released on bail within a day, and one was so brazen he gave the camera the middle finger.

Some Republicans are praising Adams for seeing the light, even if they wish he would go farther and abandon the idea of having a sanctuary city at all. But some liberals on the New York City Council, predictably, are unwilling to do anything to stop the problem. Adrienne Adams, Democratic Speaker for the City Council (yes, New York City has a “speaker” for its local city council) said she was unwilling to repeal any sanctuary city rules.

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