Actor Says He Was Blacklisted by Hollywood for His Religious Views

( – Neal McDonough is only the latest actor to claim he’s been unable to get work in Hollywood because of his Christian faith. There are only a few openly Christian or conservative Hollywood actors to begin with, and of that small group, several have said the same. James Woods is probably the most prominent in that small set.

McDonough is Catholic, and he recently claimed he’s been “blacklisted” for at least two years by an industry town hostile to the conservative and the faithful. In a video McDonough released in late November, he said he was fired from a recent shoot.

Why? Because he refused to do a love scene on camera out of deference to his relationship with his wife. The studio bosses told him “You have to do it or we’re going to fire you,” McDonough claimed, adding that he refused, and they followed through with the threat.

For two years after that, he said, he couldn’t get any work. Movie crews and executives treated him as a “religious zealot”, the actor said, but he stood firm in his refusal because he believed it was the right thing to do. “And also, I really love my wife,” McDonough said.

It’s not clear from the actor’s video which production fired him, though industry observers assume he was referring to the series Scoundrels on ABC. McDonough was fired from that show for refusing to do an adult scene.

Science fiction fans will recognize the 57-year-old actor from the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact, in which he played the handsome and steely-blue-eyed character Lieutenant Hawk. McDonough was featured in a pivotal scene turning traitor against his fellow Enterprise crew members after he was taken over by the Borg, a hostile alien race bent on destroying humanity.

Since then he has appeared in multiple television series, including Paramount’s Yellowstone, and FX’s American Horror Story. He is also known for his work in the sci-fi thriller Minority Report, and for movies such as Timeline and Captain America: The First Avenger. His most recent release is the film The Shift, which the Hollywood Reporter predictably trashed.

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