Abbott Pledges To Sign Law Allowing Texas Police To Arrest Illegal Immigrants

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced his intention to sign a new state law that would grant police the ability to arrest illegal immigrants and a state judge the ability to order their deportation back to Mexico. Abbott has suggested the law is the strongest legal move to combat illegal immigration since the Biden administration effectively opened the door during an interview with Fox News.

He indicated that the situation “is extraordinarily bad,” talking about the flood of migrants coming over the border.

SB4 will make crossing the Mexico-Texas border illegally a misdemeanor and give judges the authority to boot offenders back into Mexico. Abbott and Biden have been battling over the issue since the latter took office instigating a flood of illegal immigration which has yet to slow.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and Yale University estimate that there are between 17 and 30 million illegal immigrants living in the country right now, with at least 4 million who entered during Biden’s presidency.

Authorities at the border have made 475,000 encounters with border crossers in the last few months alone. They estimate as many as 60,000 getaways have eluded capture, some of which are likely criminals already on watchlists.

Abbott indicated that the presence of potential transnational criminals and terrorists is one of the major reasons he’s attempting to combat the problem. He called the constant stream of illegals an “existential threat” requiring an extraordinary response from Texas officials like himself.

This step is a departure from a previous tactic wherein Abbott shipped thousands of illegals around the country by giving them bus tickets to sanctuary cities in blue states like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. Just recently, Texas shipped over 70,000 illegals to the aforementioned cities.

Texas is also fighting the Biden administration in court over its use of buoys in the Rio Grande designed to block crossers. The Biden administration ironically argues the buoys are illegal without permission from the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

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