9 Dead, Dozens Injured In Church Collapse

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A church in Mexico suffered a catastrophic failure when its roof collapsed on Sunday in the middle of Mass, according to authorities. At least eleven people are dead, and another sixty sustained injuries when the roof caved in.

Rescuers worked long into the night sifting through the rubble attempting to find anyone still trapped under the debris. As many as thirty people were stuck inside and required help getting out. Rescue dogs and locals helped in the effort to locate anyone still trapped.

Tamaulipas state police told reporters that roughly 100 people were inside when the building came down. Nine victims were confirmed dead. Early conclusions from the police suggest “a structural failure” was to blame with no other details given.

The Mexican National Guard and state and local police resources were activated to respond to the crisis and help locate victims.

The Mexican Council of Bishops put out a statement that said they were praying for the victims and their families. Bishop José Armando Alvarez said that the collapse occurred while the gathered were attempting to receive communion.

The Santa Cruz church is located in Ciudad Madero on the Gulf Coast. The local diocese listed fifty victims including multiple small children and an infant. Three of the dead were also children.

Many folks were pulled out alive by rescuers who kept diligently looking for signs of life among the rubble. There were also calls for wood to help prop up parts of the building as searches continued to gain access to portions still buried.

Security camera footage from across the street showed that the roof simply collapsed. There was no indication of explosives or extreme weather that could have contributed. It seems as if the roof was made poorly, with photos from the authorities showing questionable design. Earthquake was also ruled out.

Rescuers crawled into the rubble and sought survivors themselves after propping up portions of the roof.

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