83-Year-Old South Carolina Woman Dies After Falling into Mysterious Well Shaft

(TargetDailyNews.com) – It’s the stuff of nightmares and horror movie plots—an 83-year-old South Carolina woman is dead after falling 50 feet down an abandoned well shaft on Sunday, November 26th.

Worse, there was no way she could have known to avoid it as the well was hidden beneath the floor of her daughter’s kitchen. A soft spot in the aging floor gave way, carrying the elderly lady down to the bottom of the shaft, which no one knew existed until it was too late.

The coroner’s office in Oconee County, South Carolina, said Dorothy Louise Downey was visiting her daughter’s home to help her move to a different house when she made her fatal misstep.

No one who lived in the house had any idea the abandoned well was beneath the kitchen floor, much less that the shaft had never been capped. The coroner’s office said in a statement that Downey tread upon a weakened area of the floor, causing it to collapse and carry her to her death.

The plunge down the well shaft was nearly 50 feet, and there was a little bit of water at the bottom. According to land records, the house was built in 1920.

First responders said Downey fell through the floor at about 2 p.m., and they retrieved her body about four hours later. It is not known how long it took for the family to discover where the matriarch had disappeared to, as details about the incident are sparse.

Fortunately, it appears Downey may have died quickly, rather than suffering for hours. The autopsy report states she died from blunt force trauma. Coroner Karl Addis told a local news station he had never seen a death like this in the 31 years of his career.

Those middle-aged and older will remember the saga of “Baby Jessica,” which transfixed the nation in 1987. Eighteen-month-old Jessica McClure fell down an abandoned well that was located in the backyard of her aunt’s home in the town of Midland, Texas. Rescuers worked for more than two days as television news crews broadcast the rescue effort live across the country. Fortunately, McClure survived.

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