8 Things You Can Do to Live a More Self-Reliant Lifestyle

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Living a self-reliant lifestyle is about gaining independence and reducing reliance on external systems. Self-reliance empowers individuals to take control of their lives by producing their own food, harnessing natural resources, and fostering a strong sense of community. Here are eight practical actions you can take to embrace a self-reliant lifestyle.

1. Have a Garden

One fundamental step toward self-reliance is cultivating a garden. Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs makes you less dependent on grocery stores. Start by allocating a portion of your yard or even creating a container garden if space is limited. Gardening not only provides fresh and nutritious food, but also connects you with nature and nurtures a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

2. Embrace Organic Farming

To truly become self-reliant, embrace organic farming practices. This includes utilizing composting and natural pest control methods, as well as avoiding synthetic chemicals. Organic farming helps maintain soil fertility, reduces environmental impact, and produces healthier, chemical-free food. In addition, you can save money by producing your own organic fertilizers and natural pest deterrents.

3. Grow Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs are another excellent way to enhance your self-reliance. Many herbs have natural healing properties and can treat common ailments and minor injuries. Cultivating herbs like chamomile, lavender, oregano, garlic, comfrey, and aloe vera can provide a valuable alternative to pharmaceuticals. It can minimize dependency on external healthcare systems, promoting overall well-being.

4. Have a Water Source

Water is an essential resource for life; having a reliable water source promotes self-reliance. That said, consider installing rainwater harvesting systems or digging a well to collect and store water. Learn water conservation techniques, such as using water-efficient fixtures, reusing water, and practicing mindful consumption. With a sustainable water source, you can lessen your dependence on public water supplies and save on utility bills.

5. Build a Community

Self-reliance doesn’t mean isolating yourself from others. Build a supportive community of like-minded individuals with similar values to boost your self-reliant lifestyle. You can exchange knowledge, skills, and resources by connecting with others and creating a support network. Initiatives like community gardens, tool libraries, and skill-sharing workshops can be a good starting point for building a community.

6. Sow Your Seeds Early and Grow Some Extras

Planning ahead is a key element of self-reliance. Start your gardening season early by sowing seeds indoors or in a greenhouse to extend your growing season. Further, grow extra food to store for the future, either by canning, fermenting, or freezing. Having a well-stocked pantry with your preserved harvest ensures a steady food supply during the off-season or in times of scarcity.

7. Grow Useful Trees

Incorporating trees into your self-reliant lifestyle offers numerous benefits. Fruit trees, for instance, provide a sustainable source of fresh produce, while nut trees can yield protein-rich nuts. Trees also offer shade, windbreaks, and timber for various projects. Before planting trees, explore native options well-suited to your climate. Don’t forget to consider their long-term benefits for both sustenance and resource management.

8. Read Helpful Books

In your quest for self-reliance, don’t overlook the power of knowledge. Read books to expand your understanding of gardening, organic farming, herbal medicine, water management, and other relevant topics. Books can provide valuable insights, practical tips, and step-by-step guides to help you navigate the path of self-reliance. Just remember to look for reputable authors and publications that align with your interests and goals.


Living a self-reliant lifestyle is an empowering and rewarding endeavor. By incorporating these eight practices into your daily life, you can significantly reduce your dependence on external systems. Just start small, be patient, and enjoy the journey to self-reliance.

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