$43 Million in Crops Destroyed

(TargetDailyNews.com) – In what many likely view to be a coordinated campaign designed ultimately to end personal freedoms, legacy media outlets in Europe and the United States are once again blaming destructive weather on man-made climate change. Whether that is or is not the case, Mother Nature decided to raze some $43 million in crops in a near-apocalyptic hail storm in Spain on September 17th.

In some cases, farmers in Valencia are reported to have lost as much as 100% of their potential harvests. The mid-September events follow those of July, in which a storm of similar strength destroyed around 20,000 hectares of crops in the same area. For those not inclined to overseas measurements, one hectare is equal to roughly 2.5 acres.

The latest catastrophe has affected almost double the area that was hit in July, with just shy of 40,000 acres being impacted. While the region is best known for its olive and wine production, it also produces citrus, avocados, persimmons, rice, vegetables, and almond trees, none of which went unscathed.

Over 1,300 bolts of lighting were recorded during the event. As a result of the hail, many grapevines were left looking like constructed walls of ice. An image of the anomaly can be seen here. In addition to many farmers losing their entire harvests this season, future viability is also being called into question. The raining balls of ice are reported to have split vines and broken tree branches.

Rather than approach the issue impartially and despite many seemingly fraudulent reports on the topic, legacy outlets appear to be stating matter-of-factly that climate change brought about by the fossil fuel industry is to blame for the destruction.

Coverage of the event from CBS said that the storm “is” the result of “climate change.” The piece went on to say that “temperatures continue” rising around the planet and that “they will” be fueling “extreme weather.”

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