4 Taken Into Custody After Honor Killing of Teen Girl

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Authorities in Pakistan are investigating the murder of a teenage girl after it was reported she was slain by her father and three other men. The killing was allegedly ordered by their village elders in response to a picture of the girl sitting on a bench next to a young man purported to be her boyfriend going viral on social media.

Local police chief Masood Khan revealed the details of the November 24th murder in Kohistan, a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province along the border with Afghanistan. Police heard reports of the murder and began an investigation which led to the suspects.

They reported killing the 18-year-old girl on orders from the village elders who said she had brought shame to the family appearing in images with the boy online. Khan said his investigation revealed the photograph was a forgery generated with software online and now his investigation is pursuing whoever generated it.

It wasn’t clear if the image had been photoshopped with the specific intention to cause her death. The young man in the photo was questioned by police and Khan said that they would arrest anyone who ordered the death of the girl.

Another young girl and man were threatened with death after their doctored images went viral on social media in Pakistan, according to the BBC. The girl was taken into protective custody for a brief time before being released to her family.

“Honor killings” are a problem in Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan. Hundreds of women are killed every year due to perceived violations of religious practices or traditions by their family members. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, there were 384 of these such murders reported in 2022.

Amnesty International published a statement on November 30th condemning the killing and advising the Pakistani government to punish tribal elders who ordered the slayings.

Nadia Rahman is the deputy regional director for research in South Asia for Amnesty International. She said that it’s way past time officials hold tribal elders accountable and send the message to their people that they can’t murder women for perceived or actual violations of traditional behavior anymore.

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