300 Pounds of Protest Poop Dumped on Pelosi’s Doorstep

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) received a large dump on her doorstep totaling roughly 300 pounds of cow manure. The excrement was placed in front of Pelosi’s posh San Francisco home with messages that suggest the group opposes the ongoing violence in Gaza.

Israel has had the small strip of land under siege since Hamas attacked outposts near the border wall and retreated into the territory with over 250 hostages on October 7. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a war shortly thereafter and military assaults within the territory have been ongoing since.

A temporary cease-fire last year allowed some hostages to be returned in exchange for prisoners released from Israel. Most of those released were either women or minors at the time of their arrest. Israel is infamous for arresting minors who throw stones at tanks or its soldiers.

“STOP ARMING ISRAEL,” said a large banner hoisted near the mound.

Pelosi’s home has been a recurrent target for protesters. One woman is facing felony charges for damage she allegedly inflicted upon the residence during a demonstration on February 11th. Heather Phipps is facing two counts of felony vandalism for her part in painting the sidewalk red and putting blood handprints on Pelosi’s garage door. Her arraignment is scheduled for March 12th.

A government spokesman said the mess cost taxpayers $5,648 to clean up, including the removal of paint from the sidewalk, street, and Pelosi’s home.

Protesters are irate with Pelosi for her consistent defense of funding the Israeli war effort. Leftists are demanding an immediate end to all funding of the war in Gaza by cessation of further aid to Israel.

Code Pink is organizing most of the events, and the group’s founder, Jodie Evans, has been accused of promoting the Chinese Communist Party. Pelosi had previously told protesters to “go back to China” during an exchange caught on video by Code Pink on October 29. The group planned a protest activity to coincide with the first anniversary of the attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, who was allegedly assaulted by David DePape during a home invasion in 2022.

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