12-Year-Old Charged with Sonic Murder

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A 12-year-old Texas boy was charged with murder after he shot and killed an employee at a Sonic restaurant.

Matthew Davis, 32, was working at the restaurant when he confronted Angel Gomez, 20, for allegedly urinating in the restaurant’s parking lot. Gomez and Davis then became embroiled in a physical altercation which caused Gomez’s 12-year-old nephew to retrieve his uncle’s semi-automatic rifle from their vehicle.

He shot Davis 6 times before fleeing the scene of the crime with his uncle. Davis was taken to a hospital where he died. Gomez was arrested after he returned to the restaurant. The boy was arrested in Rio Vista following an investigation by authorities.

Upon arresting the minor child, they found numerous other weapons at the residence. Police confiscated those weapons.

Both the boy and his uncle have been slapped with murder charges. It is unclear if Gomez has an attorney at present, but he has not yet issued any public comments.

Another 12-year-old boy was charged with murder in Australia after he hit a 60-year-old grandmother with a car.

A 17-year-old boy was charged in the UK for murdering a 15-year-old girl by stabbing her to death on a bus in London.

Teenagers engaging in violent activity has ramped up since the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. Crime has increased in almost every major city with many conservatives blaming policies like no-cash bail or reduced sentencing for violent offenders.

CDC data from 2019 to 2021 showed that deaths among older teens were driving increases in deaths by firearm for minors. Gun control advocates had previously used the talking point that “the most common cause of death for kids is gun violence.” The point only holds if you include 18 and 19-year-olds as “kids.” It also ignores that suicides drive gun death statistics.

Crime rapidly increased during the pandemic period in 2020, FBI data shows murders skyrocketed 30% compared to 2019 numbers. It was the largest-ever single-year jump in murders since they started tracking the data.

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