1,000 Birds Found Dead Outside of Chicago Event Center

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Images from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 horror/thriller classic The Birds likely come to mind for many when they first hear about the unusual happenings in Chicago during October’s first week. Over the course of one night, at least 2,000 birds collectively crashed into a massive structure in the Windy City.

What many would likely find stranger than the October 4th event itself is the fact that the flock did not fall victim to one of Chicago’s skyscrapers. The building that took their lives was indeed massive, but only in a horizontal sense. McCormick Place Lakeside Center, which is nothing more than a convention center, was their executioner.

Avian experts say that a combination of factors lead to the odd and what some would consider tragic demise of the birds. Unsound weather, migration-related confusion and architecture considered unfriendly the flying creatures were all to blame, they say.

Chicago’s world-renowned Field Museum has collected over 1,000 tiny, feathered bodies thus far directly adjacent to the convention center. The Northern Illinois metropolis is apparently big enough to have its own bird collision monitoring group and the organization’s director, Annette Prince, said that when she first approached the glass-encased center, she was hit with an “overwhelming” sense of tragedy.”

Prince described the largely immobile mass of birds as being like “a carpet” and noted that some of the creatures had not died upon impact. Some were on the ground attempting to move despite their injuries. She also said that a large chunk of the flock sustained wounds that weren’t initially serious enough to prevent them from flying away.

According to Prince and some of the other experts, an enormous number of those took off in spite of their injuries and were later found dead in the streets of downtown Chicago. The final tally as a result of the second collection yielded a total of around 2,000 carcasses, or 1,000 in each location.

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